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Goodbye Grandad, a reflection and poem

My grandad passed away yesterday. I know this is not an unusual thing to happen, but I've never understood the magnitude of grief that comes with the death of a grandparent, or anyone, until now. He was my first relative that I knew in my lifetime to die. My other grandfather, Frank, went a few years ago, my grandmother's second husband who was my family for my whole life. But that was sort of different. He was sick for a while and we weren't as close as I was to my grandad Peter. I was used to him not being a constant presence in my life, and I had time to adjust to the prospect of his passing.

I also lost my dogs, who were the lights of my life since I was a very little girl. That was, and still is hard. But they weren't human of course and not a strong support system to other people in my life, they were just my little loves. Other people have passed through my life and left my loved ones in mourning and I miss them, but I could only sympathize then. Now I can empa…

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